Addiction Recovery Assistance

Addiction does not happen overnight. It’s a slow progression until you suddenly feel you cannot live without it. You are not alone, and the doctors at Coastal Wellness want to help. Based in Pawleys Island, SC, we help people around Myrtle Beach with addiction management and treatment. If you are ready to get on the road to recovery, contact us today

Treatment for Opiate Dependence

It is not uncommon for people who take pain medication or an illicit substance to become addicted. At Coastal Wellness, we provide comprehensive addiction management services to anyone who has become addicted to medication or opiates. Through counseling, mental health therapy, medical services, family education, and the medicine known as Suboxone, we can help patients break free from their addiction.


In counseling, you and the counselor can determine why you started relying on drugs, medication, or alcohol and begin to learn how to live with it, identify the triggers, and create a plan for recovery.

Mental Health Therapy

With a professional, you can work through traumas and your addiction. You can better understand yourself and learn how to manage emotions and have a better quality of life.

Medical Services

Work with one of our doctors to get on the road to recovery. Learn to manage your addiction and make changes with the help of a supervising professional.

Family Education

For a successful recovery, it’s best to involve the family. With proper education, they can help the patient to recover in a safe, encouraging environment.


Suboxone is a medicine that treats physical dependence to opiates. This medicine provides relief from withdrawal symptoms, helps to eliminate the craving for opiates, and also has a blockade effect if other opiates are used. This drug can be prescribed on an outpatient basis and used as a home medication, or it can be used in a full treatment program.

If you are suffering from an addition to your pain medication, don’t suffer anymore. Contact Coastal Wellness in Pawleys Island, SC, for addiction management services you can trust!